We Bring Functional Personal Training To You

Sport Inspired Workouts At Your Residence or Apartment

No more wasting time driving to and from a gym. All you need is a hard grassed or flat area at your home or apartment in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. All equipment is included and 1-2 people can participate. 

Ever wanted to get a glimpse into what it’s like to train for speed & agility like Roger Federer? Or train to jump like Lebron James? Then our sport inspired workouts are for you!

“Having a trainer come to the house was so useful"

"Forma tailored the exercises perfectly to what I was looking to improve on, while keeping the session fun. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to develop specific areas or just get in shape generally. Will be using again for sure."

George - Forma Fitness Client

Do You Love Sport?

Forma integrates sport and skill building into a beginner friendly 60 minute functional full-body workout aimed at people who are bored of the gym and/or traditional workouts. All Forma workouts are inspired by one of our 10 different sporting categories and the athletes that compete in those sports.

the Forma Difference

Our Forma program helps keep you accountable both in AND out of your workouts. Your trainer will give you constant feedback during and at the end of each session. As well as checking in with you throughout the week to see if you are staying on track with your health and fitness goals.

The Forma Experience

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to train for power & speed like Mike Tyson? You can do that with ‘The Mike’ workout. Forget aimlessly going through the motions during a workout, your Forma Fitness PT will have you learning new skills and functional movements each and every workout. 

The Forma Workouts

With innovative sport inspired workouts like you have never seen before, Forma puts the FUN in Functional Fitness. Bored of the gym or traditional workouts? Our workout programming will keep you challenged, help you build new skills AND reach your health & fitness goals. 

Our workouts are designed to replicate the functional movements & athletic training that exists in 10 different sports:

Tennis | Boxing | Cricket | AFL | Rugby | Swimming | Soccer | Surfing | Basketball | Golf

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