Functional Fitness: The What, Why & How Of Functional Training

Functional fitness is a revolution.

Stemming from the influx and popularisation of gyms such as f45, functional fitness has become a highly sought after method of training in the past decade. The idea of becoming more ‘functional’ stems from people seeking to have their improved fitness levels and body composition become more applicable and relevant to everyday life. Basically, people want to move better – not just look better.

But what makes functional training so effective? And what makes one program more functional than the next?

What Is It?

Functional Training In Action

This style of training is built around compound movements. These are exercises that work out more than one muscle group at the same time. Compound movements are great for building strength, endurance and give you more ‘bang for your buck’ than isolation movements. This fitness style targets the movements we do everyday and incoporates them into a workout.

Why It’s Important

When you work multiple muscle groups simaltaneously, you are burning more calories. This is particularily the case when you minimise rest between sets. This style of training is a much more natural way to work out. It also helps develop balance and overall stability, something that is vital for sports, athletic ability and minimises the chance of injury.

Functional training allows you to build muscle, gain strength, burn fat and improve your overall athletic ability. It helps you not only look better, but feel and MOVE better. The age old question is – nice body, but what can you do with it?

How Can I Start Doing Functional Fitness?

In a time where restrictions, closures and uncertainty hangs over the viability of gyms – Forma brings functional personal training to you.

Check out this article on navigating fitness during COVID-19

Sharing equipment, sweat and being around strangers in an enclosed space is not the most practical way to train in the current climate. That’s where we come in… We bring functional fitness to you! We bring all equipment to your residence or apartment in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast. The 60min personal training session is conducted on a flat or hard surface at your place – no travel or equipment sharing necessary.

Best of all, the workouts are a unique take on functional fitness. With all our workouts based on 10 sporting categories and the athletes that compete in them. With skill building movements intertwined with functional fitness – The workouts are like nothing you have seen before. Check out the full list of workout summaries here.

Functional Fitness: The What, Why & How Of Functional Training

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