Fitness Post COVID-19: Try Mobile Personal Training

Are you worried about returning to your gym post COVID-19? Gyms are only partially opening across Australia and mostly in a heavily limited capacity. That’s why it’s important to note there are alternative solutions to reaching your health & fitness goals. The solution? Mobile personal training!

Getting Back Into Fitness

Functional Fitness

Getting back into working out after a long lay-off due to COVID-19 restrictions can be a daunting prospect. Your fitness and confidence may be down. Plus you can add in the fact your gym is likely to have heavy sanitisation procedures in place. Wiping down equipment before and after every set isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing to do. This can ultimately take away from the enjoyment of working out.

Mobile Personal Training & Fitness

As a result, mobile personal training is a perfect solution for those who are apprehensive about returning to the gym. Forma brings sport inspired, functional fitness workouts to your residence or apartment. That’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & the Gold Coast. All equipment is included. Plus you can even have someone join you for the workout for no additional cost.

No Gym? No Risk!

The incredibly viral nature of COVID-19 means that catching the disease is quite easy. For instance, even if every precaution is taken at your gym there is no possible way to guarantee 100% protection against the spread of the disease. Working out in the comfort of your own home is perfect. Forma allows you to control the environment you work out in. Your Forma personal trainer will maintain strict social distancing protocols. The equipment your trainer brings will also be sanitized before and after every workout.

Bored Of Traditonal Workouts?

In conclusion, our sessions are a fun and innovative approach to functional fitness. You can do new and exciting movements each and every workout. The Forma workout will be completed in 60 minutes. Which is perfect to burn fat, build muscle. You learn brand new skills from 1 of our 10 sporting categories. Forma workouts designed to maximise results. Plus they keep you engaged and excited! You will never be sick of working out with Forma. Check out The Forma Experience.

Fitness Post COVID-19: Try Mobile Personal Training
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