Personal Training vs Group Training

If you’ve ever felt dread wash over you as your planned visit to the gym or group fitness class draws near, you may be cut out for a different kind of training. Rather than staring at the clock or planning a way to pull the fire alarm, your best bet may be personal training that comes to you.

Despite the prevelancy of group fitness, personal training is undoubtedly the most effective way to reach your health & fitness goals. Let’s look at why!

Safety & Technique

The role of a trainer is not just to deliver a fun & motivating fitness enviroment. A fitness trainer also has a duty of care to keep their clients safe whilst using good form for the appropriate exercise. Unfortunately, in any group class there is a necessary division of attention between particpants because of the sheer number of people in the class. This means that supervision, safety, form and alignment are not catered for as exclusively in a group class as they are in personal training.

By contrast, a personal training session ensures that you receive 100% of the trainers attention at any given time. As a result, the session will be a safer and more controlled environment for you – the partcipant.

Is It Worth It? 

Obviously, group classes are the cheaper option when it comes to fitness. But you have to factor in the increased amount of injuries that occur in group classes compared with personal training. Taking into account the obvious pain and suffering an injury may cause, the setback may be significantly detrimental to you reaching your goals. Not ideal!

The recovery time, loss of productivity and cost of rehabitalitation alone should be enough to convince you that personal training is worth the cost.


The most alluring aspect of group training is the enthusiastic environment that the number of people in the class creates. This is especially the case with group functional fitness. Where music, high 5’s and comraderie keep you coming back for more. But ultimately, the substance and overall enjoyment of the workout itself will determine your results and influence your ability to persevere with training indefinitely.

The Forma Difference

In functional personal training with Forma, you are motivated through every workout by your trainer. They are able to accomodate for your strengths, weaknesses and needs in order to maximise your time together. Functional movements are combined with sport inspired skill-building activities to create a killer workout. No gimmicks, no strobe lights, just a great training environment with functional workouts like you’ve never seen before.


We aim to bring you the best of both worlds. We’re giving you all the benefits of functional group training with all the benefits of personal training. Not only that, we bring functional personal training to you! That’s right! We come to your residence or apartment in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast and save you the hassle.

Your personal health & fitness goals are factored into our sport inspired functional workouts for all ages & ability levels. Your trainer is there to motivate, inspire and drive you to reach your goals in a supportive and safe environment.

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Personal Training vs Group Training
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