The forma experience

before your first time

Prior to your first session, we will contact you to find out what your health & fitness goals are and make a provisional plan of attack on how to achieve those goals. You’ll also be able to let us know which of the 10 Forma sporting categories you want your workouts tailored towards (or try them all!).

The first session

Prior to their arrival, your trainer will let you know what workout you will be doing that day and what to expect in the session. Your trainer will arrive at your residence with ALL necessary equipment. They will set up the equipment required for the session, and run you through a dynamic warm-up to get the blood pumping prior to commencing the workout.

what to bring

It couldn’t be easier! Just wear appropriate workout clothing and trainers, bring a towel along and don’t forget a drink bottle.

welcome to sweat city

Ever wanted to get a glimpse into what it’s like to train for speed & agility like Serena Williams? Or train to jump like Lebron James? Then our sports inspired workouts are for you! Get ready to sweat as you do one of our sport based functional workouts for all ages & ability levels.

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Frequently asked questions

Our sessions are a fun and innovative approach to functional fitness, where you can do new and exciting movements each and every workout. Each workout is completed in 60 minutes (including dynamic warm-up & cool down) which is perfect to burn fat, build muscle AND learn brand new skills from 1 of our 10 categories. Forma workouts are not only designed to maximise results, but also to keep you engaged and excited! You should never be bored or sick of fitness.

Best of all, these workouts are scaled to your age, ability level, goals and personal preferences.

Your Forma Personal Trainer will be the most important element of your Forma Fitness journey. Your trainer will be there to offer support, provide education, draw upon their wealth of experience and use all of the tools in their toolbox to help you reach your goals.

All Forma Personal Trainers are highly qualified, heavily experienced, massively enthusiastic and super passionate about helping YOU on your fitness journey. Not only is your trainer there to help you reach your goals, they’re also able to use the Forma workouts to help you learn brand new functional skills.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to train for speed & agility like Roger Federer? You can do that with ‘The Roger’ workout. Forget aimlessly going through the motions during a workout, your Forma Fitness PT will have you learning new skills and functional movements each and every workout.

Our workouts are designed to replicate the functional movements & athletic training that exists in 10 different sports:

Tennis | Boxing | Cricket | AFL | Rugby | Swimming | Soccer | Surfing | Basketball | Golf

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