10 Sports. 30+ workouts to choose from.

Tennis inspired

Fat will be burnt and muscle will be built in these full body workouts designed to improve your body composition AND your tennis skills. You’ll burn fat, build muscle and improve your movement.


boxing inspired

All about cardio, resistance, agility and core movements for killer workouts  that improve your boxing skills as you move through compound lifts and boxing based games. All about high reps, low rest and moving with speed.


soccer inspired workouts

Combining function with plyometric training in order to make you more explosive. You’ll be moving, jumping, running and passing your way through agility based exercises and drills. 


basketball inspired workouts

Circuit based training that combines unique basketball related movements with cardio, functional and compound exercises. The result? A killer workout that is a full body calorie burner. 


rugby inspired

Get ready for compound lifts and progressive overload in a high intensity, circuit based package. This resistance overload focused session will see you incorporate rugby ball skills to keep you on your toes. 


Afl inspired

You’ll be kicked into gear with a strong emphasis on balance, power and overall fat burning exercises. Its an extremely innovative and fun workout that uses unique AFL skills and combines them with compound movements 

surfing inspired workouts

Integrating movements that will test and improve your balance, power, agility and endurance. Your trainer will run you through unique and fun exercises relevant to surfing and allow you to set goals and crush them for sustained improvements over time.

swimming inspired workouts

Improve your range of motion and work your core in a full body workout inspired by swimmers. Your overall body awareness will improve with functional movements designed to improve flexibility, joint mobilisation, body alignment and posture.


cricket inspired workouts

A unique take on circuit training and functional fitness. It incorporates hand-eye coordination based games and combines them with lots of rotation, agility, balance and resistance based movements. You’ll never have done anything like it before.


golf inspired

These workouts place a heavy emphasis on mobility & flexibility. These are essential parts of being able to exercise at an optimal level. This workout is to designed to improve flexibility, range of motion and posture through dynamic movements and resistance exercises.

Functional Fitness With A Difference

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